Unit 608 Tankleenor


Gorman-Rupp’s Unit 608 Tankleenor provides quick, efficient and economical cleaning of petroleum storage tanks. The Unit 608 Tankleenor is a lightweight, wheel-mounted cleaning system designed for oneman operation and is easily moved from job to job.

Even when tanks are thought to be free of moisture and foreign debris, they often contain enough water and other contaminants to degrade the stored product. The Gorman-Rupp Unit 608 Tankleenor can remove contaminants…like gel precipitates, microbial growths, rust and water…without disturbing the product or taking the tank out of service.

Operating liquid drawn from the contaminant tank circulates through the pump and creates a vacuum at the eductor. The vacuum draws moisture and contaminants through the cleanout hose and back to the eductor, where it mixes with the operating liquid and is carried to the contaminant tank.


THE GORMAN-RUPP UNIT 608 Tankleenor comes complete with...


At the heart of this system is a Gorman-Rupp O Series self-priming centrifugal pump. This system offers the same quality and design features that have proved to be so successful in bulk plants, in fuel oil and aviation fuel delivery service. O Series 2" x 2" (50mm x 50mm) self-priming centrifugal pump with standard Viton seal (optional Buna seal available), close-coupled to a 1 HP Class 1, Group D, 60 Hz, 115/230V, single phase explosion-proof TEFC electric motor with 50' (15m) of 12 gauge, type SO cable with 125 volt, 20 amp grounded plug. The pump is equipped with a venturi-type eductor permitting recirculation of operating fluid without contaminating the tank, and a hand-operated valve for backflushing. The discharge and suction ports are fitted with quick-connect couplers.

A Reel Assembly

Detachable reel assembly for storing hose and controlling direction and travel rate comes standard. The reel assembly is fitted with a built-in sight tube which enables the operator to locate and remove pockets of contamination.

A Hose Assembly*

Hydrocarbon-resistant hose, 58" diameter by 42' long (16mm x 13m), comes standard with a spring steel integral strap insert and a specially designed nozzle.

Connector Hose

A 6' x 34" (2m x 19mm) connector hose is provided to connect pump eductor and valve to reel assembly.

Suction and discharge hoses

Hoses come in 112" x 15' lengths, fitted with quick-disconnect couplers to mate up with pump suction and discharge couplers.

Adjustable Guide Tube

Adjustable 7'-1312' (14m) long stainless steel guide tube, with spring-loaded foot, comes standard.

Ground wire

Wire is 10' (3m) long, with clip, for grounding unit.

Optional 50 Hz Motor

For 50 Hz operation, Unit 608-A Tankleenor is available with 1.1kW (112 HP), Class 1, Group D explosion-proof, 50 Hz, 115/220V, single phase TEFC electric motor.

* Ambassador Hardwall 559N hose manufactured by Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company. Compatible with most hydrocarbon products. Consult the Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company or for specific product compatibility.