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The MPC Hybrid console is for electric pumps and requires only 8 x 9 inches of counter space. It offers either an 8 or 16 hose control and the manager key lock keeps totals and prices secure. This console has the ability to print sales receipts, shift totals, and the store’s ID. The stacking memory allows immediate reauthorization of pumps for the next sale. The MPC protects and prints total inventories and the mechanical totalizer readings can be programmed into the console. Programming instructions can be printed directly from the console to the optional printer.
      We also offer a version of the MPC console which will also control mechanical pumps and dispensers. This console is ideal for all-mechanical sites that require more programming and reporting features than are provided by the 800F or Plus consoles. The MPC offers a mixture of electronic MPD’s for gasoline and mechanical dispensors for kerosene and diesel fuels.



The PetroSmart EZ™ controller is ideal for the fuel marketer who needs an affordable, less complicated method of offering pay-at-the-pump service to his or her customers. Many of today’s convenience store operators prefer not to have the cash register, pump control, and credit card functions all integrated into one unit. With most of the POS devices currently available, one component failure can cause the entire system to fail. Our product combines a TMS EZ fuel pump controller with an SSS Hypercom PetroSmart card payment terminal to control a wide range of electronic pumps and dispensers, with or without on-board card readers.

 The EZ controller for Non-Pay at The Pump sites (W/ optional printer) is the latest in a long line of simple, easy to use pump controllers, designed for rugged operation with the latest technology. Two models are available: the EZ-8 (8 fueling positions), and the EZ-16 (16 positions). The PetroSmart EZ controller is ideal for the fuel marketer who is thinking of adding pay-at-the-pump in the future. TMS can now retain console site configurations on our servers, and provide operating software and configuration downloads over the phone. The PetroSmart EZ connects directly to dispensers via our IC Boxes. The EZ provides pump control and pricing, maintains shift and accumulating totals history. 2-year warranty,


TMS-35 Citizen Printer
The Citizen Model IDP3535 impact dot matrix printer uses standard 1- or 2-ply 3” carbonless paper and requires only 6 1/2” x 8 1/4” of counter space. The printer is available with a rewind journal and is compatible with the 800F Plus and MPC console modules


Relay Interconnect Boxes and Power Center
All relay interconnect boxes can be equipped for 1 to 8 hoses with the dimensions of 13 3/4” x 15 1/2” x 4 1/4”. The standard console cable is 25 feet, with cables of 50, 75, 100 or 150 feet available for immediate shipment. Cables of 500 feet can also be custom produced.

The VRR is a direct replacement for a Veeder Root mechanical computer. It can be easily installed in most lighted dispensers or suction pumps. Once installed, the electronic head can communicate with a Ruby * Point of sale using Wayne, Gilbarco or Tokheim protocol.  Also, it also functions with any TMS console. The VRR also interfaces with most Card and Key systems. It works as a mechanical with pulse/penny,10 : 1, or 100 : 1 output. RS 485 communication.