Products and Solutions that Optimize Fuel Flow and Profits

The Red Jacket Pump
   Innovative technology delivers the easiest and safest pump to install and service. The Red Jacket Submersible Turbine Pump incorporates a range of innovative new features that keep the safety of service technicians and service related costs in mind. If you're concerned about rising labor costs and the safety of your workforce, take a look at The Red Jacket Submersible Turbine Pump.




410140-002  P75U1RJ2       3/4hp Pump

410141-002  P150U1RJ2     1.5hp Pump

410142-002  P200U1-3RJ2  2hp Pump




881-770-5     P33R1T2        1/3hp Pump

881-773-5     P75S1T2        3/4hp Pump

881-776-5     P150S1T2   1.5hp Pump




852-198-5     UMP33V1     1/3hp Motor

852-199-5     UMP75V1     3/4hp Motor

852-200-5     UMP150V1   1.5hp Motor

852-221-5     UMP200VI-3  2 hp  Motor    



Functional Element (red), Precision Functional Element (orange), 17.5 MFD Capacitor for 1/3 and 3/4 HP, 25 MFD Capacitor for 1 1/2 HP, Manifold O-ring, precision stainless steel check valve, standard check valve, 1/3, 3/4, 1/2 HP 17' wire harness, Functional Element O-ring kit, discharge O-ring-viton, conduit seal and MORE!

Mechanical Leak Detection
       and Testing


Mechanical line leak detectors are pressure sensing devices that detect leaks as small as .3 gallons per hour. Once tripped, the leak detector dramatically reduces the flow rate to 1.5-3 gallons per minute. The leak detector will allow full flow only after full pump pressure has been restored. The reduced flows will alert you that something is wrong with the dispensing system and that immediate attention to the problem is necessary. Red Jackets FXV features:

  • Guaranteed to detect at a rate of 3 gph at 10 psi for 24 months from
    date of manufacture.
  • Operates effectively in areas that experience extreme temperature changes.
  • Adapts to applications using high-resiliency lines, such as flexible piping.
  • Handles up to 11 feet of static head.
  • Installs and troubleshoots easily. No special wrenches or tools.
  • Handles a variety of fuels including diesel
  • Pump Control Boxes

    Variable Speed Flow Controller


    A better approach to variable speed pumping, the Variable Speed Flow Controller measures and maintains line pressure to meet increase demand for flow while limiting flow to meet the 10 GPM maximum flow regulation. The Red Jacket Variable Speed Flow Controller offers the most advanced variable speed technology delivering the fastest and most efficient flow.

    Click Here For VSCB Brochure

    IQ Control Box


    Red Jacket's IQ control box helps keep your customers satisfied with uninterrupted fueling. That means less downtime and more bottom line profits for you. The IQ is designed to provide motor protection from dry run conditions and automatically restarts the system when fuel is added to the tank. It spreads motor wear evenly in tandem or multiple motor systems, ensuring long motor life, and will warn site personnel of conditions impacting the ability to fuel. It also increases flow when necessary and protects wiring and controls from locked rotor or high current.

    Click Here for IQCB Brochure

    ISOTROL 1-8


    Isotrol gives you the best in dispenser handle isolation. Responding to industry and electrical code changes, Isotrol handles signals between each dispenser. It isolates and protects individual dispensers from wiring shorts or phasing issues and keep technicians from dangerous feedback during service.

    Capacitor in Control Box


    Red Jacket's control box and three-wire disconnect yoke offers convenient access to the capacitor for service or replacement. For single-phase applications, the three-wire yoke allows the capacitor to be moved out of the packer and into a redesigned control box. Troubleshooting is easier, as checking or replacing the capacitor no longer requires removing the manhole cover and climbing into the sump. Result: easier maintenance and less site shutdown.